Web Design Changes to Expect in 2013

You could say web design has its own ‘fashion statement,’ because each year things come and go. Let’s look at web design changes you can expect to see in 2013.

  • Large Visual Impact Created with Large Images
    While there is a focus on typography over images throughout the website, on the home page it seems big just might be better, as many websites are placing large images on the home page for a visual impact. Web designers are being conscious of data usage and bandwidth by providing these large images only to those with large screens.
  • More White Space Please!
    Over the past year or so, we have been seeing a move towards more white space, and this trend is going to continue in 2013. Finally, web designers are recognizing that white space creates a clean design aesthetic and a much easier read for the surfer.
  • It’s All About Social Network Sharing
    There will be more integration with social media on websites. We’re not talking about ‘sharing buttons,’ as that’s old news already. This is going to be much more in-depth and include things like ‘pay by status,’ ‘single sign on,’ ‘Instagram,’ and other new types of social media content.

  • Colour Schemes Calm Down
    It’s no secret – online colour schemes change faster than ‘fashion trends,’ but this year colours schemes are becoming calmer, and therefore easier to view. PayPal is one of the first to jump on board with its new home page design. It’s not so much about what colour as it is about the subdued hues.
  • Mobile Apps to Replace Mobile Browsing
    There has been a focus to make websites so that they work on all the various mobile devices. However, many sites actually work better as an app such as Facebook or Twitter, and so 2013 is going to see a switch from mobile browsing to apps for some sites.
  • Content is King

Content will remain as important as it has been. This is great news, and what’s even better is that content is going to go to presenting high-quality content.