Web Design As A Career?

Web Design Career

As the internet continues to evolve, web design as a career will remain in demand. Currently, web design is a hot career choice, for many creative high school and college graduate types. Although a degree is not necessary, it is not useless to have one, especially while being interviewed. The important thing is to do the necessary research during the planning stage, so that you can determine if web design is the right career for you. Typically, web designers have an artistic background, or experience in art of some kind. Before we get into the specifics of web design as a career, let’s first take a look at what web design entails.

Designers Make Web Pages Aesthetically Pleasing

Web designers are responsible for developing the general design details that make up a website. This includes, but is not limited to, the color schemes as well as the layouts of web pages. What is often misunderstood, is that web designers are not there only to make web pages aesthetically sound. Web designers are also responsible for, ensuring that the navigational aspects of a website are smooth. There is no use in having a gorgeous website, if your visitors are unable to navigate it. Web designers also need to have a basic understanding of SEO. Doing so, allows for their client’s websites to rank higher in the search engines. If this is done properly, websites can place ads that incur revenue and monetize content.

All web designers usually come from creative backgrounds, and many of them know a bit about coding as well. This is especially handy, when it is required of them to program in HTML and CSS.

What Do Web Designers Earn?

On average, web designers make in between $20 to $50 an hour. This rate varies, depending on the designer’s experience, in addition to how vast the project at hand is. It has been estimated, that the average designer makes around $50,000 a year. Depending on how much he/she works, and the skills they offer, this median salary is flexible. Harder working web designers, have been seen to acquire well over $100,000 a year.

Educational Requirements?

As mentioned, there are no educational requirements needed, to break into the industry. Some of the more disciplined web designers, broke in exclusively on their own self-taught paths. However, it varies per person. There are plenty of programs, guides, and lessons available online, for the eager learner. Due to popularity, the industry has become highly competitive over recent years. Because of this, an extensive portfolio of your best work at hand while interviewing, is necessary. Some basic understanding of programming languages, that goes beyond HTML and CSS, is also highly recommended. Many web designers have, at a minimum, some skill with the Javascript programming language. This can be particularly useful, since web designers are often in daily communication with front-end web developers.