How to Take Your Logo From Average to Great

How to Take Your Logo From Average to Great

A logo is the ‘face’ of your business in the world. From the colours chosen to the design elements to the words you choose to use, each part has the potential to be memorable. And memorable is good. If you pair a memorable logo with good advertising then you are more likely to get an inbound inquiry or sale than a comparable business with a less eye-catching logo.

And if you pair a good logo with a great product, service or customer experience, then you are on your way to establishing a strong customer brand.

Unfortunately, for many small and medium sized businesses, their logos let them down. They are forgettable, or badly designed, or have obvious flaws (like appearing blurry or pixelated on screens). There are plenty of reasons for that – SME’s don’t have huge budgets to spend on designers and logos, and often, they don’t even know how they could improve their current branding.

This article is here to help with that with some simple, practical ways to create a better, more memorable logo.