Is Your Web Design Annoying?

You designed your website, and never really thought any more about it; but have you considered whether your web design is annoying? Visitors arrive at websites and when there are things they dislike, they simply don’t come back again, and you are blissfully unaware. However, those lost visitors are potential customers that you’ve lost. Let’s look at 5 things you should exclude in your web design so as not to annoy your visitors.

1. Huge Font Size – When you use huge fonts, you are in essence yelling at your visitors. The same applies when you use all caps. People don’t like to be yelled at so use a font that’s no bigger than 14.2. Small Font Size – Just like huge fonts are annoying, small fonts are just as annoying. You want your message heard so don’t whisper. Speaking in a normal volume by using a font size between 10 and 14 points.
3. Background Music – Unless your website is related to music, perhaps sells mp3 files or CDs, maybe is an online radio station, etc. playing music in the background on a website. Not only does it becoming annoying, it’s extremely frustrating for anyone surfing later at night to suddenly have music blaring through their computer. If you want to keep the visitor on your site, eliminate music from your web design.
4. Popup Windows – Popups are annoying, because you can actually land up missing information that you should know, when popup blockers block the popup from your visitor. Make sure you put your important messages on your main page so your visitors don’t miss out.
5. Overlapping Layers – There are times when overlapping layers are useful but they are few. Don’t try to force your message down your visitors throat, they’ll just become annoyed faster and leave sooner.

Of course, there are other annoying web designs but this will certainly get you on the right track with web design that keeps visitors on your site and coming back.