Effective Web Design

Important Elements for Effective Web Design

According to the professionals over at Web Design Perth, web design is the process of creating content that is intended to be portrayed on electronic web pages that can be accessed by the end users by means of internet browsers.

Designing, of any nature, involves the collection of ideas and implementing or arranging them in an aesthetic manner using guidelines provided.

Here are some important elements Web designers always keep in mind:


This is the manner in which the text, ads and graphics are arranged on the Web. The main goal is to aid the viewers in locating, at first glance, the information they want.

It also includes maintaining the integrity, consistency and balance of the design.


The choice of colors is heavily dependent on the clientele and the purpose of the website. Designers can go for multi-colored or black and white designs based on the functionality and requirements of the client.

Depending on the purpose, you could be conveying the outlook of a brand, person or organization, using colors that are considered “Web-safe”.


Web Design can be effectively enhanced by using graphic elements such as icons, clipart, photos or logos.

Their placement is paramount when user-friendliness is in question, and should work with the content and color of the page, also making sure it is not slow to load or congested.