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The web is an ever-evolving beast and as web designers we are always looking for ways to conquer it. This is why every year there is a rise of new methods and trends. Some trends become best practices, while others go out with a fizzle rather than a bang. This year is no different and some trends are already looking sustainable.

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Flat design was introduced in 2013, and started gaining traction at the beginning of this year. As major brands such as Apple Inc. go back to the basic for a simpler design, it is possible to see just what the design is trying to achieve. The crux of the flat design demands that any element that does not have a function should be eliminated. This means no gradients, 3D graphics, or other fireworks – simple fonts, images, and indicators for a cleaner result.

User preferences have also evolved over the years and they prefer not to be bombarded with the entire spectrum of colours when they enter a site. The key to keeping it simple is limiting the number of colours that are featured on the webpage. Minimalist text over a bright background is one of the most popular trends today.

Gone are the days of excessive links and jumping from page to page in search of targeted elements. As idle scrolling becomes more popular, web designers have incorporated it as a design element. This does not mean that scrolling will be similar to the star wars crawl going off into space endlessly serving no defined purpose, but rather organised and well-formatted content serving a purpose.

This is the visual era of the internet and images are the way to go. Most websites have now adapted to go for large visuals in their design and some have even made entire backgrounds out of them. Visuals are a great way of immediately grabbing the user’s attention. The right kind of image can help the user understand the kind of company they’re interacting with immediately.

Scroll animated content is always a nice surprise for the user and urges them to interact with the site and look out for other similar animations on the page. In this era of flat design, it provides an additional dimension to your website bringing it to life.

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