Firstly, we need to understand what does responsive means and why we need it once we do that than half of our trouble to find out best responsive web design pattern is solved.

Responsive design means your website should be able to get open on all devices irrespective of the size or graphic availability initially. It is an initiative, not the final one, so there are few other steps you need to follow to create an amazing pattern for responsive web design.

Later, we will go to the second step which is as important as the first one. What you need to do is create Meta tags for your website. It is quite important to do as you would like your nearby people to reach you and use your services. For achieving this, you need a Meta tag which will let others search and open your web pages.

These two above steps were a necessity to start a website which is responsive, but there are other steps which are necessary as well. The Most important thing is to design your web page legitimately. If you choose a big web page, then it will be difficult to open it quickly.

If people are unable to open your website rapidly, then everything will go in vain. Thereby, you should choose a web page size which can get open quickly. Remember it will be highly responsive when it is fast. So you need to design it accordingly. You may use a page in Java or else in HTML that is up to you. You can choose any of them but don’t forget about it should available on every device.

Once you have decided the size and language, you will use then you should think about web page designing. If you are thinking about adding many pictures or images to build your web page appear eye-catching, then it is better to forget about this idea. It will make your website loading quite slow which means less responsive.

You must be thinking that if you cannot include various images then how you will make it attractive. There are many other things you can do. If you will put to the point content related to services you will furnish to your customers that will leave more impact on visitors. People want to talk about their business instead of useless images.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot make it interesting you can do that by adding the image which is attractive as well as makes some sense for the visitors. Today people have limited time, and they want to use it in a manner which is optimized. They believe in coming directly to the necessary and required thing. So you need to make them available what they need.

If you understand the fundamental need and satisfy the same using your website, then it will become responsive automatically.