6 Things to Think About When Preparing a New Website

Remember the late 1990s when blinking images were thought to be the best thing for any website? Well fast forward to today and that shouldn’t even be on your want list. You and your web designer need to sit down and hash out what your website is going to look like before they start building your site. If you are wondering what you need to do to prepare to get your website off the ground, you’re at the right place. Let’s look at 6 tips & strategies you need to think about.

  • Who will be in charge? Who is going to make the development and design decisions? This can be a group of people or it can be just one person. If it’s a team one person, still needs to be handle the final approval. Otherwise, it can become quite chaotic as reworks are ordered by individuals in the group.
  • What’s your niche? What do you sell? What’s your product or service? You need to be very specific. If you sell air conditioners to residential customers, then your need to focus on that market with what you say in your content and the images you show. Don’t show a beach when you sell air conditioners – it sends a confusing message to your visitors.
  • Who is your target market? It is important that you stay on target. You need to be specific. Back to our example. If you sell air conditioners then your target market will be homeowners and let’s say they have homes that are 25 years or newer and the age of the homeowner is between 30 and 50. So when you write about your services make sure this is the market you are talking to.

  • What will you say in your content? It is very important that your content is well written in a manner that connects with your visitors and tells them about your product(s) and/or industry. You can hire a professional copywriter for a reasonable amount of money often for as little as $50 a page. Most copywriters will also be able to do your search engine optimization for you as well.
  • What is your call to action? You need to create a call to action, which is what you are asking your visitor to do. Whether you want them to call you, email you, click on the link, buy now, etc. Whatever your message is, make sure you clearly tell them what it is you want them to do.
  • Find the right web designer. Find a web designer that understands your company, your market, what you want out of your website and one who has a reputation for being on time and on budget. Like every industry, there are great web designers, okay web designers, and poor web designers so make sure that you do your research and find a reputable professional web designer that is right for your business and you.

Now that you have six things to think about relating to your website development, you’re on your way to the perfect website.